Mac Daddy Butter

Saturday, October 1, 2011

It is a well known fact that Macadamias are a superior nut. If you are one of the few who are oblivious to this fact, go do some reading here and here.
No, really. I'll wait.....

Now that you've been educated, I want you to know that chocolate is also a super food with many health benefits. It's no wonder we girls crave it once a month! Well, honestly, I crave it year round, but magnesium citrate helps keep my craving reined in from caving.

Oh and let's not forget the almighty COCONUT! Specifically coconut oil. It also has a very impressive nutritional profile, packed with antioxidants and other goodies.

What do these 3 things have to do with each other? Allow me to demonstrate!

What you'll need:

2-3 oz Macadamias (I call them crack-a-damias cuz they're one of the foods so delicious that I just can't control myself around them)
2T EVCO (Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. The less handling it's had, the better. Personally I love Tropical Traditions Gold Label!)
2 oz dark chocolate (the darker, the better. Dark chocolate is sort of like EVCO-- the darker it is, the less handling it's had, the richer its nutritional profile)

Place nuts in food processor with 1/2 the EVCO.

Pulse until you get this (and add the other half of your EVCO):

Pulse until smooth:

Using cheese grater, saw down 2 oz of dark chocolate

Place into food processor with the nut butter. Pulse one more time until well blended.

Taste test! You may add a little sweetener if you wish.

Turn out mixture into container, toss in fridge. Ask yourself "Who yo' daddy?"

Now you know why I call it Mac Daddy Butter, right? Cuz it's got such a sensational nutritional profile! It's the Mac Daddy!

Let's talk application. What in the world would you use this for? How 'bout drizzled over gelato/ice cream? Did you know it turns into magic shell?

You can also make Primal Pancakes!


Or, just, ya know... EAT IT!


Anonymous said...

Could you tell me what processor you use - Mind just can't handle nuts! Thanks!

P Gersch said...

I have a ninja and use it daily. LOVE IT!
Here's the set I have:

I would recommend getting the set with an extra mini ninja, though

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