Rules of the PJF

Everyone knows junk food is not good for you. Primal Blueprint is about eating a whole, natural diet, but Primal has a dark side too. And, really, what diet/lifestyle doesn't? Everything in moderation, friends! Nevertheless, I wish to set for rules for this glorious food porn blog.


  • All recipes herein will be made with whole foods including, but not limited to: all manner of coconut, critter (meat), vegetables, fruit, and dairy.. and sometimes not whole foods (but not entirely terrible either)
  • I will promote locavorism (the practice of sourcing local food and products), by featuring ingredients produced locally
  • I will answer questions openly and hold regular Q&A sessions
  • I will keep no secrets about the the food on this blog, and what it does for your health and mid-section, including shameless cheats. Food is delicious, and life is too short to feel guilty about eating it!
  • I will try to have FUN monthly giveaways!
  • Lastly, be sure to read The PJF Manifesto