The Most Versatile Sponge Cake EVER!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

First of all I, once again, want to thank Steve McKnight. I was trying to make protein cheesecake. It sounded delicious. It called for sour cream, cream cheese, eggs, protein powder, baking powder, and sweetener. I only had Greek yogurt, eggs, baking powder, and protein powder on hand however, and figured it would work. So I went about my business excitedly cracking in the eggs, baking powder, and protein. I spread it carefully in a pie plate and placed it in the oven, rubbing my hands together and licking my chops.

I waited patiently, dreaming of cheesecake goodness. However, I noticed it was already done half an hour too early. I pulled it out, and the moment I cut into it I realized I had made a mistake.

A delicious mistake.

Ladies and gentlemen, I had a pie plate full of sponge cake.
And not just any sponge cake, as I realized upon tasting, but it was to be The Most Versatile Sponge Cake EVER!

And now, lucky you, I'm going to show you how to benefit from one of the greatest Primal culinary mistakes!

What you'll need:

1.5c Fage Total Full Fat
2 scoops zero carb vanilla protein powder
2 eggs
1/2T baking powder

Preheat oven to 350F. Combine ingredients.

Mix it all together super well.

It should not be discernible from cheesecake batter (awesome, huh!) ;)

Spread into 8x8 square glass dish (feel free to grease with butter or EVCO).

Bake 1/2 hour or until pie looks like this.

When you cut in, you should have a bread like substance (tell me that's not the coolest frickin' thing EVER!).
I don't know why, but whenever I see this picture, I get giddy inside, like I just cured cancer or something really tremendous like that!

Cook it a little longer if it's not quite there, but do not overcook! Allow to cool 15 mins, cover loosely, and place in fridge.

970 cals, 16g carb, 56g fat, 98g protein, 580 sodium

Now let's talk practical applications:

Primal French Toast. For the record *I*, the PJF, invented Primal French Toast! Do not let anyone else tell you otherwise. I mean, who else has this recipe? I'm pretty sure I'm the first to pull it off. If you saw it here first, then I invented it!

Very Berry Shortcake
(Also my secret recipe. Be sure to set the record straight to PJF wannabes!)

Just when you thought burger buns were dead to you, the PJF made you... CHEESEBURGERS!

Bread Pudding
-Picture coming soon!-


PJF Tea-Ramisu

P.S. An afterthought. The more I taste it, the more it registers closer to angel food cake in flavor and texture. The man (husband) says it's a cross between cornbread and sponge cake. You decide!


Sarah M said...

Another keeper! Could you tell me how many grams is in a scoop of your protein powder? I've noticed it can vary between brands. Thanks!

P Gersch said...

Sure! There are 25g of protein in the standard scoop of Isopure Zero :)

Knight Fit said...

I've made almost the exact same mistake! My bread was a bit too dry though- did it come out moist?

P Gersch said...

It was somewhere in the middle, Steve. Just a little drier than angel food cake, but very palatable!

Adriana said...

Have you tried adding cream cheese to this recipe?

P Gersch said...

Considering I've only made it twice, no. Which part would I add it to? I imagine if I added it to the batter, it would turn into cheesecake like it was meant to be :)

Anonymous said...

How much yogurt do I use? Would chocolate protein powder work?

P Gersch said...

Emeril, the amount of yogurt was in the recipe (1.5 cups). I don't recommend using chocolate. When I made waffles, pancakes, etc with my chocolate stuff, it always came out kinda grody.

Anonymous said...

I have it in the oven now, but since I had homemade cream cheese I went ahead and added 2T to the batter (the batter seemed a little runny compared to your photos?). I will let you know how it works out!


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