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Monday, October 24, 2011

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The idea of offal to a lot of people can be a turn off. Even I have my limits, but after trying chicken hearts, marrow, and oxtail, I'm a fan.
That's right.
If you don't know what it is, it's exactly what it sounds like. The bones from the tail of a bovine.
Stop wrinkling your nose at me!
If you love BBQ, you'll like this.
I promise it is not awful offal.

What you'll need:

Oxtail (you'll want at least 4 sections for just yourself, cuz it's awesome. Mine is spectacularly awesome b/c it's from grass fed critter, courtesy of Christiansen Family Farm)
1/4c mustard (I like stone ground)
2T sage
2T rosemary
1T cumin
3T carob powder (you can use cocoa, but then it would be chocolate bbq oxtail. I really like both, because they give a lot of depth to a dish. Try cocoa powder in your chili some time! We're using carob today, because it has a rich, smoky flavor to it.)
fresh cracked black pepper to taste
molasses (optional, but nice)

NOTE: I do want to forewarn you that cook time is at least 2 hours
Preheat Oven 300F (low and slow is the way to go, baby! If you have a lot of time, you can take the temperature down to 200-250 for 3 hours or more)
On large plate, measure out sage, rosemary, cumin, carob, and crack in your black pepper, mix evenly

Coat oxtail with mustard (you may wish to drizzle in some molasses with your mustard. It's not necessary, but it adds a nice touch. Mix well if you decide to take this route).

Roll oxtail in your herb/spice mixture

and place into glass baking dish.

Cook 2 hours, turning over once at the hour mark.

Plate with your favorite BBQ Sides and enjoy!


Jennifer said...

Thanks for posting this recipe. We bought a whole cow a few months ago and I have had no idea what to do with the oxtail. Now I know :)

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