Smashed Cauliflower

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I have mixed feelings about potatoes.
I'm Irish, so it's culturally encouraged to eat them... lots of them
I'm diabetic, and potatoes are REALLY starchy and drive my blood sugar bananas
I discovered the hard way that I'm sensitive to nightshades, and potatoes fall into the nightshade family. For those of you who are oblivious, nightshades can have an affect on one's joints. I eat bell peppers & two hours later my knee is talking to me like that obnoxious neighbor who is always bugging you for something and never shuts up. Don't ask me what makes something a nightshade, just know that I try to limit them from my diet (and if you have arthritis, fibromyalgia, or any other debilitating problem, I exhort you to cut tomatoes, all peppers, potatoes, eggplant, and cucumbers from your diet for a month and see how you feel! You may be surprised).

Anyway, case in point, potatoes really aren't worth it for me. However, I do confess I am a former lover of bangers and champ (a traditional Irish dish of sausages and smashed taters), potato bar (potato topped with chili and cheese and sour cream and, well, everything), and super cheesy mashed potatoes.
What's an Irish diabetic to do?

Enter cauliflower!

I know what you're thinking. Cauliflowha? What's cauliflower got to do with mashed potatoes? I'm gonna make you squirm here when I say this idea was introduced to me by Jillian Michaels on the Biggest Loser. I know, I know, my Primal friends just died a little inside.

What you'll need:

1 bag frozen cauliflower (if you have the time and the means to deal with a whole, fresh cauliflower head, go for it!)
1c sour cream
garlic powder (I don't recommend whole cloves. They are delicious, but even 2 can completely destroy the dish. Garlic powder gives you more control)
parmesan (if you happen to have a real, nice, fresh, hard cheese in your fridge, use that. If you do not, whip out the franken-"Farmer John")
black pepper
food processor

Place cauliflower in pot with 1/2c water. Cover and steam 10 mins. Drain.

Add to food processor with everything else.

Pulse until you get a dreamy, creamy smashed consistency. Taste. From here you can adjust. Be careful with the garlic powder, it's very easy to overpower this. Just go slow and think of who you're gonna be mackin with later!

That's it. Smashed cauliflower. Low carb, delish, and satisfies that mashed potato craving. Plate with some critter and enjoy!


Lilyheart said...

Frozen Cali... Freaking genius. I can't believe I never thought of that. I buy a head of cali... then it goes bad before I get around to making it as I have this fear of messing it up. Yay! I bet I'll try it now :D Thanks Dr. B <3

Anonymous said...

Whats the critter dish? Looks tasty? Burger, onions, tomato, what else?

P Gersch said...

Hey Nonny Anonymous, the critter is Puerto Rican Beef from Sarah Fragoso's Everyday Paleo cookbook. Way yummy! We altered it by using garlic stuffed olives, eliminated some of the nightshades, and served with my Paso Doble Guacamole on top :)

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