Paleo Chocolate Milk

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

When you think about chocolate milk, paleo probably doesn't come immediately to mind. In fact, Paleo Chocolate Milk is probably a giant oxymoron. Yet here we are discussing it.
If you find yourself missing your morning nesquik, I have a fix for you.
I sort of came across it when I was looking for refuel/re-hyrdration options for my long runs. I knew I wanted to take a coconut water route (and 15 oz vita coco with 15 oz water is pretty tasty), but then I discovered Zico Chocolate Coconut Water and went OMG! The I started flipping out when I tasted it, and immediately grabbed some coconut milk. Thus was born Paleo chocolate milk.
You may thank me for my brilliance now.

What you'll need:

1 bottle Zico chocolate coconut water
1/2c coconut cream (yes, specifically coconut CREAM)

Pour 1/2 cup coconut cream into tall glass. Follow up with 10 fl oz chocolate coconut water.

Stir. Drink. Marvel.

Vow never to drink Nesquik again cuz you're SOLD on this stuff!

Okay, okay. It's not 100000% Paleo cuz it has cane sugar in it, but I guarantee it's gonna obliterate your chocolate milk craving and be a bazillion times healthier for you than your little yellow and blue labeled bunny friend.