Here I answer a number of Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Are you insane?
    A: Yes. Next question.
  • Q: Do you do give aways?
    A: Yes!

    If you would be interested in getting a review of your product, please Contact Me. I am interested in gluten free, sugar free, and bacon-related products! Bonus points if it tastes like chocolate.
  • Q: If I'm curious about a certain product I saw at the store, but nervous about trying it, will you try it and blog about it?
    A: Sure. I got nothing better to do than blog about food, LOL. Really, as long as it doesn't go against my personal food beliefs, I'll totally blog it!
  • Q: Aren't you afraid all that fat will give you a heart attack or stroke?
    A: No. If I die, I'll die happy. There will hopefully be a filet mignon between my teeth the moment it happens! Food is delicious and life is too short to feel guilty about enjoying it!
  • Q: Will you come live with me and be my personal chef?
    A: I can't move in with you, but I will be more than happy to cook a Primal meal for your family if you live in Utah County. Contact Me privately to work out details. I love to cook! (as apparent in this blog)
  • Q: Will you be my personal grocery shopper?
    A: Again, if you live in Utah County and are interested in trying a Primal Lifestyle, Contact Me and we'll work something out! I love to shop.
  • Q: Eating healthy is SO expensive! How do you do it?
    A: It makes me angry that my half-full cart of whole, healthy, natural foods costs just as much as someone whose cart is full of junk & convenience foods! Organic, and grass fed should be the American standard, not luxury items for the rich and comfortable. We all deserve good health! I know it's hard, but you really have to make a decision. Do you pay the doctor or do you pay the farmer? I'd rather pay the farmer for good health than a doctor. That said, here's how I do it:
    I have a large, dry erase calendar in my kitchen. I write out the dates of the month, our appointments, etc. Then I write in our dinners for the pay period. The ingredients of those 14 dinners forms the bulk of our grocery list. After that, I fill in the rest with house hold necessities, and what I want to eat for lunch. Then I start looking through the store circulars for the first week. I pay attention to what's on sale and write down the ingredient under the store it's on sale at. Yes, I shop at multiple stores (it's not a hassle. I love shopping!). Once I figure out where I'm going, I start hunting down coupons. When I first started eating Primal, our grocery bill skyrocketed from $400/mo to $800/mo. Now I've got it down to $600/mo for a family of 3, and working on getting it down to $500/mo. Think about it. If you pay $400/mo for convenience foods for a family of 4, wouldn't it be worth it to pay $500/mo for whole, healthy, unprocessed, chemical-free, naturally available foods? Here's where Pay the Farmer or Pay the Doctor starts making more sense.
  • Q: I don't understand your 'Pay the Farmer or Pay the Doctor' theory. Can you tell me more?
    So let's say you pay $400/mo for a family of 4 for convenience foods. Healthy Choice/Lean Cuisine meals, cereal, go-gurt, loaves of bread (you get the idea, right?). Now add on any drugs you get regularly. On that diet, my drugs were expensive. I had insulin ($50), needles and supplies ($25), thyroid medication ($20), metformin ($10). Where are we at now? Oh, yeah, just over $500.
    The family of 4 who chooses to pay the farmer is determined to stick to their monthly budget of $500 for groceries. They make out a meal plan and write down their ingredients. They buy whole, natural foods. Lots of vegetables, fruit, meat, eggs, and maybe some raw milk. They are healthy and their fearless leader is drug free, thanks to her choice to pay the farmer instead of the doctor, as eating naturally has lead to improved health and the defeat of disease. They check out at the register for just over $250 for the week (and end up at $500 for the month).
    So would you rather pay your doctor, eat convenience food, and take drugs? Or would you like to be drug free, pay the same amount as the drug-filled life, and pay the farmer?
  • Q: Raw milk? Ew. What about---
    A: Uh-uh, stop right there. Give the great white way a chance before you go knocking it! Raw milk is rich with antioxidants, probiotics, and all the good stuff that pasteurization kills off. In fact, it is just as safe as the Viva you buy at the store. Pasteurization was created during an age where there was no safety standard across the industry. If you can get your hands on raw milk, TRY IT! Here, educate yoursef: Facts About Raw Milk