About The Author

In 2009 I weighed 248 lbs, slept 16 hours a day, and feared the end of my marriage.

(Look. LOOK! I'm so big that my poor husband is uncomfortable trying to squeeze into the photo with me. Any bigger and he'll be pushed out of the photo.)

My T2 diabetes was out of control, my insulin pump doses were insanely high, and I was at the end of my rope.
This was unacceptable. I was a new mom to a gorgeous little girl who NEEDED me.

I began losing weight, and discovered the Primal Blueprint. Now I am working my way to becoming a lean, mean 5k racing machine

...and loving every high fat bite!

I have been drug free since January 2011, and haven't looked back.

Oh and you can now add half marathoner to that list as well!