Primal Special K

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

There are days when you just miss cereal, ya know? You may think "Cereal? Blech! NEVER!"
But then, one day, you'll have this bizarre random craving for it out of nowhere. Rather than suffer through it, you can eat through it. Allow me to introduce you to Primal Special K!

What you'll need:

wide coconut chips
coconut milk, raw milk, or cream
fresh fruit (optional, but nice)

Turn your broiler on and set your kitchen timer for 1 min

Evenly spread out coconut chips on a pan lined with tin foil

Place under broiler for 1 min. I set mine for 2 and look how overdone it already is! It can burn fast, so stay on your toes. You want a light golden, toasted brown color (not deep like this)

Place in bowl with milk and fruit. Enjoy!


Amanda said...

how did you make the bowl!?

P Gersch said...

Took a rose from my garden, and plucked all the petals from the sepal. Took 2 bowls, placed one inside the other, then spread the petals between them, poured water, and froze it. Better pictures of it on the facebook page.

Amanda said...

but then... they will wilt away won't they?

P Gersch said...

They're frozen inside ice (think how well woolly mammoths are preserved in ice). The picture in this post is of roses at around 2 weeks post freezing.

Amanda said...

AHHH! Got ya...

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