French Yogurt Fat Bomb

Monday, November 14, 2011

One of my favorite foods is heavy cream. I just have nice memories of it growing up, and it tastes delicious. I also love yogurt. I mean, what's not to love about yogurt? Mix these two things together and you get something truly spectacular. My friends, I am about to introduce you to one of the yogurt GODS, Creme Bulgare. French for "yogurt fat bomb" (not really, but it should be, cuz it's 0 carb, all fat, and all delicious)

What you'll need:

1 quart heavy cream (NOT ultra pasteurized. I'd recommend raw cream, but there's this whole awkward pasteurizing process ya gotta do with the culture)
1 starter packet yogurt culture

helpful tools:
candy thermometer
yogurt maker
Sugar free syrups for sweetening/flavoring (I like Torani & DaVinci)

Pour 1/2c cream into a small bowl and set aside (preferably near oven, but not on it. We want it to come to room temperature in the next few mins)

Pour cream into large sauce pan and bring to the point where warm bubbles start to form (about 180F). Cool to 108-112F

Dissolve 1 packet starter with the small amount of room temp cream, then pour back into pan. Mix well
(sorry for crappy picture)

Pour into yogurt maker containers, and add your sugar free syrup. I like to do it this way, rather than add syrup to the batch, because you can have more flavor options individually.
If you have 8 cups like I do, I recommend 6 flavored, and 2 plain. You can reuse the plain ones as starter for your next batch.

Incubate 8-10 hours.

Move to fridge for at least another 2 hours, overnight if possible.
Enjoy the most luxurious, custardy, silky yogurt you ever had!

You're welcome.


Shanster said...

Interesting! We've tried making yogurt from our freshly milked goats... and it is always very thin. Granted, we aren't using "cream" exactly... and I don't have a yogurt maker... we put it in canning jars and put it in the oven on the warm setting. Will have to try this way! Cool!

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