Protein Crepes

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Do you ever have days where you just want to stuff your pancake with fluff?
(LOL, that sounded kinda dirty. What can I say? Food is sexy!)

I am constantly impressed by what protein powder can do. Don't try to limit this powerhouse with shakes and smoothies, cuz it can do so much more! Cookies, waffles, pancakes, and now... CREPES! That's right. We're gonna use protein powder to make the lingerie of the flapjack family tree. Thin, lacey, sexy crepes.

What you need:

6 egg whites (I use Abbotsford Farm cage free)
1 scoop low/zero carb vanilla protein powder (today I'm using my chocolate. Cuz what's sexier than chocolate?)
coconut oil
1/2c Fage Total full fat Greek yogurt
1/2c Fresh berries

To bowl, pour egg whites and protein powder.

Whisk into frenzied fluffy frothiness.

In pan, warm a couple tablespoons of extra virgin coconut oil and coat well.

Pour eggy protein mixture into pan in thin layer (your batter will make a couple of crepes, so don't sweat having a lot leftover).

Watch it closely. The bottom is going to cook super fast. When edges start to curl, flip it over. Turn off the heat. Cook for another minute or two. Plate.
In the middle of your newly minted crepe, scoop 1/2c Greek yogurt (or use my Sludge recipe, mascarpone/creme fraiche, or cottage cheese). Top with fresh berries.



I think I just food-gasm'ed.

100 cals (per crepe), 1g fat, 2g carb, 22g protein


Amanda said...

How were they? Ben and I are planning to go pretty stringent on the primal (its about darn time really) especially now that we are getting married next year... CREPES would DEFINITELY help! Also-What Protein powder do you use? is it pretty affordable?

P Gersch said...

They probably aren't the crepes you'd expect to get at IHOP, but they were acceptable. Check out my waffle/pancake recipe too. Those were legit! I use Isopure zero carb & low carb powders. I am also working on a review of a new powder, Muscle Nog. Muscle Nog (an egg based protein powder) made super nice waffles. It was fluffy & eggo-y. I like Isopure Zero b/c it's zero carb, AND tastes good (hard to find in protein powders). I got both bags at GNC for $50 total, but that's not bad considering they're lasting me a whole month! Sticking to 20g carbs/day is tricky, and it's nice having options.

Jennifer said...

My family loves paleo crepes! My kids are completely on board with the eating plan so we use coconut flour crepes filled with almond butter and strawberries as a substitute for traditional pb&j :) this reminds me I need to make a big batch tonight!

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