Egg Nog

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I don't know about you, but egg nog is probably my #1 favorite beverage. Thick, creamy, eggy... it puts me in a holiday mood! I love it so much, that I would drink it year round if I could. The problem is, I can NEVER get my egg nog as thick as the stuff you find at the store. I've tried whipping egg whites & heavy cream, then folding them together. I've tried thick, rich coconut milk with eggs. I've tried straight cream whipped up with eggs. No matter what I do, I can't get it to taste like my favorite brands.
"So why don't you just buy you favorite brand?" you ask.
Well, that's the problem. The stuff at the store is not so great for you. It's loaded with chemicals, fillers, thickeners, and sugar. Mine may not be that much healthier, but it's definitely lower carb.

What you need:

1 cup heavy cream (I use Kalona grass fed cream top cream. Good stuff! Strauss Creamery Cream Top cream is excellent as well)
2 scoops zero/low carb whey protein (I used Isopure zero carb creamy vanilla)
A couple tablespoons of Davinci Sugar Free Egg Nog syrup
A really big cup
A hand mixer

To the really big cup, add cream & syrup. Start whipping!

When it begins to thicken, add protein powder. Use a spoon to stir it in at first, so your hand mixer doesn't get gummed up.

After it's combined a little, resume mixing to desired thickness. I got a little too enthusiastic and whipped mine into pudding.

Let me tell you, though, if you like jello instant pudding, overwhipping this nog is like drinking unset jello pudding. I really liked it. Will whip less next time. If you want a cold & creamy treat, throw this in the freezer for 10 mins.

1010 cals, 0 carbs (okay, 6 if you wanna be picky about heavy cream having 0.5g carbs per tablespoon), 97g fat, 50g protein

What would possibly possess you to drink this? Well, if you love egg nog like I do, it's a no brainer. Duh! If not, I would use this as a meal replacement. I guarantee you'll be full til dinner if you have this for breakfast or lunch. Fat is delicious and extremely satiating. *Swings gold pocket watch* Fat is your friend... fat is you friend... fat is your friend...

In the future, I'll be adding my other 2 Egg Nog recipes made with 100% whole, natural ingredients. This syrup + cream + protein powder one is just the quick & dirty way


Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to make this when the holiday season arrives!


P Gersch said...

Meganne, why wait? :P

Anonymous said...

Good point!

Anonymous said... the egg nog?

*falls over* sacriledge!

P Gersch said...

Don't worry, if you look at my Recipes For Disaster, you will notice several egg nogs! Some have eggs, some don't.

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