Peppermint Swirl Fudge

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A friend of mine mentioned that there's nothing better than mint and chocolate together. I disagree (bacon + chocolate + baked good = happy), but I wanted to make something special for her anyway.

What you'll need:

1 bag Andes peppermint baking bits
1c Coconut Cream Concentrate
1T Vanilla Extract
Pinch Sea Salt
1/2c Cocoa powder
1/4c Powdered Stevia

Melt coconut cream concentrate in large bowl

Add vanilla, sea salt, cocoa powder, and stevia, mix into paste

Spread into pan

Melt Andes peppermint baking bits carefully, so as not to burn (cuz, face it, burnt chocolate sucks)
Spread evenly over fudge paste.

Run a knife through the fudge to help Andes get in a bit. Using the back of a spoon, work your way around the fudge in a circular motion-- voila, swirls!

Chill until ready to serve. Cut into bite size squares and enjoy!


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