Apple Bacon Chicken Pear Slaw

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

So I hate coleslaw.  It's never tasted good to me.  Don't run away from this recipe just yet if you hate coleslaw, too.  This really is more of a salad than slaw.  I was trying to find another purpose for our angel hair slaw after not using it in our halupki dinner last night.  It's good in stir fry, but who wants to take the time to actually COOK in the middle of the day?  Oh, right.  Me.  Sometimes.  When I'm bored.  But being bored in the kitchen usually gets me into trouble.  Often with baked goods and crazy experiments.  So I thought I'd have a salad.  An awesome one.  Cuz I've been craving apples and pears like nobody's business.  Bacon makes everything better, too.  And y'gotta have protein, right?  Throw some chicken in there!  Y'got salad.  Here we go...


4 slices bacon, plus rendered grease after cooking
1c Angel hair slaw
1/2 lb Chicken breast/cutlets
1/4c Mayonnaise (you can make your own.  I've got a recipe here)
1T Lemon or lime juice
Pepper to taste
Mixed nuts (optional)

Core & chop up apple and pear

Slice bacon and cook over medium heat.  I've found that the lower and longer you cook it, the better it renders out the fat.

Cut chicken into bite size pieces (or don't) and cook it.  You can grill it, bake it, whatever floats your boat.  It's your salad.  I cooked mine whole, then chopped it up afterwards. 

Place apple, pear, bacon, and cooked chicken over plated slaw.  Add mayo, lemon/lime juice, bacon grease, and pepper.  Mix until well coated.  Add nuts if desired.  I really wish I had some feta or blue cheese cuz that always goes nice with apples and pears.

Tuck in, dudes!


Mamazon said...

Must make this SOON. Chicken, bacon, apples, pears and sneaking a tiny bit of coleslaw into my Kidling. Yes!!!

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