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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Every few months I get a comment that goes along the lines of "none of the food on your blog is primal", "how dare you call yourself primal" or "it's no wonder you've gained weight eating this way"

It's high time I set a few things straight.

If you think my blog is all about eating s'mores for breakfast, doughnuts for lunch, and ice cream for dinner, then you're missing the entire point of the blog. Yes, I've gained weight since going Primal, but it's been from my boundless curiousity trying to bend the laws of gluten free creations, some depression, and a minor binge disorder. I don't endorse eating junk food at every meal. I certainly don't do it myself! My blog is there to share my love of food, improve people's lives with quick and easy fixes (which are usually more nutritious than what they've been eating on a CW SAD), and bring joy and connections.  If you read my recipes, you may notice a certain tongue-in-cheek approach.  I poke fun at everything.  I mean, really?  SPAGHETTI DOUGHNUTS!  PARSNIP PANCAKES!  How can you take them seriously and not laugh at them?  If you can't take them with the same sense of humor in which I write them, then you have no soul.

I'm sorry if I fail to meet your fantasy standards of what a Primal lady should look like.  I'm not ripped like Mark Sisson, a ninja like the oriental beauty from Nom Nom Paleo, and I'm certainly not pretty like Sarah Fragoso or Hayley Mason.  I'm just me.  I'd give my left arm to be as fast as Usain Bolt, or do a human flag like Al Kavadlo.    I'm an average joe inviting you into my kitchen.

I'm not making excuses for myself either.  The PJF blog is intended for use as an indulgence guide for Primal living.  Also if you think all of recipes on here are junk food, then you obviously haven't gone through my recipes for disaster which include stir fry, burgers, salads, and sherpherd's pie (not to mention my Christmas coup de triomphe Beef Wellington).  The doughnuts I made (which were the winning recipe of the day on Fast Paleo) were made of meat and vegetables.  My latest pancakes are made from parsnips.  If you think I eat junk food at every meal, you are sorely mistaken.  I lead a 90% Primal life, and 80% paleo life (I enjoy on occasion full fat Greek yogurt, grass fed heavy cream, and mascarpone).  The bulk of the sugar I ingest comes from fruit.  Our dinners are almost always paleo.  I posted my fried s'mores recipe after a morning run (I'm training for a marathon in September).  My last two hA1c were 5.5 and 6.  In my defense, the 6 was because I've been on steroids for the last month due to a recent surgery.

If you feel compelled to tell I'm not primal because of what I post on this blog, be sure to at least say it to my face and sign your name.

What the bulk of my diet looks like:


Fox said...

way to stand up for yourself, PJF. I love your blog and your humor comes through to me.

Sara said...

People like that tend to be the types that tell people how to raise their kids when they themselves don't have any. As mothers we learn to soften our approach to everything including diet because we are cooking for a number of people who we don't want to turn off by being too hardcore (even though I think parsnip pancakes sounds pretty hardcore to me! ;) We also have a lot of life experience that I think some of these critics don't. We know that throwing insults around just sucks the life out of everything.
I enjoy your recipes-keep it up!

Sue said...

I enjoy your posts and look forward to your creativity. Don't let the critics get you down. You are a true original, and I hope you stay that way.

Anonymous said...

Pish, you look just as attractive as those Primal Stars, don't diss yourself. And the smartaleck look in your photo is a heckuva lot more interesting! Real people live in the real world, ignore the phantoms who think they can ignore it and want you to be trapped in their perfectionist hallucination. Sheesh.

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