Fried Primal S'mores

Saturday, April 7, 2012

 S'mores.  You're going to want some at some point in your Primal journey.  The bring back memories of summer, of nights under a star lit sky with a camp fire and glow bugs.  These days it seems like everything is fried.  Why not fry your s'mores, too?

What you'll need:
1 pure wrap
peanut butter & co dark chocolate dreams (or Justin's chocolate almond butter)
coconut oil (preferably chocolate coconut oil from Something Pure)

get your coconut oil going in a deep pan.
Spread chocolate deliciousness & mascarpone over pure wrap.
Fold like a burrito.
Carefully place in coconut oil and fry (1-2 mins per side).
Eat delicious meltedness.
Make s'more ;)


Fox said...

my jaw just about fell off my face thinking of how good this would be.
it's my birthday! i'm making this for me!

Anonymous said...

Okay - I've ordered some wraps and will try whey they get in.

Andrea said...

Wow. That must have tasted like heaven.

P Gersch said...

Andrea, just a lil bit ;)

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