PJF Pimped Out Caramel Apples

Thursday, October 27, 2011


1c coconut sugar
1/2c water
1/4c molasses
1/4c butter
Chocolate Covered Macadamias (or mini chocolate chips & macadamias)
La Nouba Marshmallows (if you are opposed to malitol, go for regular marshmallows instead. I just like La Nouba b/c they are low carb)
Uncured Bacon
Apples (it is essential these are room temperature)
A blowtorch (optional)
Very fine grit sandpaper

Before we get to making caramel, you're going to want to prepare your pimping accessories.

Cook bacon until slightly crispy.

Remove from grease and pat dry. Place in food processor and pulse into bits.

In clean food processor, place chocolate macadamias, and pulse into larger bits.

Chop up marshmallows

Lightly sand your apples. I'm not talking about grinding them out like you're getting freaky with them, just a light dusting (enough to take the shine off of them) to give them some tooth. Rinse well and dry super well. Plunge dowels into center of apple.

Just for comparison. The one on the right has been sanded, the one on the left has not.

In medium saucepan, warm sugar and water. Add molasses. Follow instructions for my Coconut Caramel Sauce. Basically you're going to boil that 1/2c of water off slowly.

Around 10 mins, just before you add 1/4c butter (pay attention as the sauce calls for 2T, and caramel apples here call for 1/4c), add your EVCO.
Remove from heat. Allow to cool slightly. If it gets too thick, you can put it back on the heat for a moment.

Dip apples into caramel sauce, turning slowly to coat well.

Immediately roll into your toppings.

Set on to parchment paper until caramel is set.

Boys, get out you blow torches and puff those marshmallows!



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