Fast N Furious Fish

Monday, October 3, 2011

I was born in Massachusetts. My grandfather used to tell me that our name is on the Mayflower Compact. Deep down inside, I consider myself a New Englander. One thing my grandparents instilled in me was a love for fish (and, really, if you're New England bred and don't like fish, you need to get your head checked!). My grandpa, oh man, could he cook a mean piece of cod! I was always excited when he came home from the fishing truck with those carefully white paper wrapped packages of gold.

Many people fear fish. They think it is expensive or hard to cook. Now I can't make fish like my grandfather could (seriously, the man was a wizard. I don't think I've ever had a piece of fish in a restaurant quite as good as Grandpa could cook it!), but I can help you overcome your fear. I don't pay more than $6 for a pound of fish. It doesn't have to be fancy (though I try to score wild caught when I can), it just has to be fish. Go ahead, pick one on your next grocery trip. I almost always buy frozen (I've had bad experiences buying from the fish counter at the store. No surprise there since Utah is pretty much landlocked. If you're wondering, the Great Salt Lake does not count as a source of fish, and fishing from streams has always evaded me, despite my father's best tutelage).

What you'll need:

Fish (we're using cod tonight)
Lemon pepper

Preheat Oven 425F (unless your packaging suggests otherwise)
Clean your fish. If you are using frozen, thaw it out, then give it a rinse. If you don't have time to thaw, just run it under some warm water to loosen it up. Pat dry. Here's the fun part! Reach into your jaw of EVCO and pull some out. Rub it all over the fish. Get friendly. Massage that baby. Or, if you're squeamish, just slather it on like I do!

Sprinkle lemon pepper.

Toss fish into oven. Check after 10 mins. If it flakes, it's done. If it's still a little bit chicken-y, cook it another 3-5 mins.

That's it. See, that wasn't so bad, was it? Now all you gotta do is cook yourself a side dish (equally simple if you just get a bag of steamable veggies!). Dinner in 15 mins. Who could argue with that?


Fox said...

this is my kind of dinner here.
except... well, i would have 4-6 fish filets on my plate...

cod over here on the east coast is pretty damn good. i'll have to go to MA and try some legit stuff out.

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